February 27, 2014

Crosswinds, Cyclecross, and Cheating at Walburg!

It was a nice start to the heart of the Texas racing season with the Walburg Classic. The forcasted weather looked crisp, sunny, and looked like it was going to be a good day overall.

As the race started I quickly was having déjà vu of the 2011 tour of new Braunfels road race where the entire cat 1/2 got disqualified for riding left of the center line. As the winds picked up, so did the number of teams that went to the front to try to put the field in the gutter to get some damage done. However if there was any sort of draft found left of center, riders were willing to take it. I kept waiting to hear the official follow car to come up and honk, neutralize or disqualify riders, but that never came. I kept to the right of yellow along with many other riders who knew that is the safe, right, and noble thing to do. Riding over the yellow line is cheating.

February 11, 2014

Pre-Walburg Excitement!

Bat City Cycling is the team that is promoting and running the
Walburg Classic road race this year again

I have been getting many questions about if I should race or not race Walburg this year. Many of these racers are men and women who have not raced Walburg before and do not know how great of a race it is just yet. Here is some information on Walburg that will hopefully push you in the direction to go ahead and register for a great weekend of racing.

February 7, 2014

Starting 2014 Off 2014 With Some Road Rash and River Road ToNB 2014

Unfortunately I have not gotten a hold of any photos from this weekend. 

Omloop. (90 minutes)
Going into the Omloop I could feel my excitement was hard to contain. I have been lucky enough to find my friend Zach Bergh the night before and get my hands on an old Astellas kit. I was finally in some sort of team-clad colors and I was eager to test my legs.

This race would end up marking my first race of the year and I was feeling very strong. I had a flawless off-season mixed with high volume, no sickness, and no injuries.

As the race started I took off the start line I quickly moved to the very back of the field. I know that the omloop is a course that is very hard to stick a break and it will have plenty of crashes. Being at the back was my way of staying out of trouble. As the laps slowly started to trick off the counter I started to feel comfortable on the bike and started to move around the pack a little bit. Last year my experience racing the omloop was bad. I ended up flatting out of the race on lap three and I knew just about anything would be better then that.