April 18, 2014

Circuit Exams, Big Money Crits, and Acrobatics at Charlotte-Belmont Omnium

some of the road rash on my back
Heading into the Charlotte Belmont Criterium omnium I had high hopes for some good results. I was feeling the best I have felt on the bike in a long time, and had some great training in Texas. With some consistent riding as well as some good regional race results. I was confident that I would be able to help my team put someone on the brodium.

April 10, 2014

Back in Texas with Charter Reserve Stage Race

Some of the best host housing all year. Yes we got massages!
After several weekends of traveling with the team to some big out of town races, I found myself in town and eager to test out some good form in some local Texas races. Luckily the Charter Reserve Stage Race would fall on my two-week break of travel. I raced in this race last year, and it was quickly becoming one of my favorite stage races in the state. The format of the Charter Reserve Stage Race (CRSR) is a road race, time trial, crit. Luckily I have always been spoiled here with some great host housing. Being able to really relax in between stages of a race can really make the difference needed in your recovery between stages.