July 3, 2014

Feeling Flat at East Tosa. Last Day of ToAD

Goal to put Monk on the overall podium was a success!
East Tosa (Day 11. Roster: Matt, Clay, Max, Hogan, Cory, Brandon, Justin, Andy, Myself)

Even after my crash the previous day, I had the option to race again at East Tosa. After an early morning spin, I decided that I would go ahead and race to see what I can do. I vaguely remember East Tosa from 2013 as one of the harder days at Dairyland. A simple 4-corner criterium with a long uphill drag through the start/finish made things hard on the group. This does not even take into account the fact that this comes at the end of 11 days of racing.

I do not know about you, but I am feeling Downer Avenue. Toad Day 10

one of the week long goals accomplished

Downer Ave (Day 10. Roster: Clay, Matt, Justin, Cory, Brandon, Hogan, Max, Andy, myself)

Going into Downer Ave we had one thing on our mind: the elusive super prime. The super prime is a single prime given on a random lap of the race, which is normally worth several grand ($$$$) and given on a separate finish line than the finish used for both the race and normal primes. Our leadout has been getting better and better throughout the week, and today was go the last day to show our stuff before the tour's final day at Tosa.

Race plan for today included keeping the pack together, like we have been doing for the last several days before, with Justin, Clay, and Brandon staying attentive for the super prime. Set up for the prime was crucial as it was only 75 meters after turn 1. The winner of the prime had to come first out of the turn ready, for there was no room for mistakes.