August 31, 2013

An Alan Ting Sighting at a Bear Creek Crit!

I ended up taking the series overall
with the win tonight
School has finally started and my legs still want to go fast before they get too bogged down with assignments. Today would be the final Bear Creek Criterium as part of the summer series put up by my friends at sun and ski sports. Before driving that way towards the race there has been a few text messages going on between the well renowned Alan Ting and myself. For weeks Kevin Kremke (his boss) and myself have been putting on the pressure to persuade Alan to pin on a number and race his bicycle. Alan, is a teammate of mine, has not ridden a bike since Nationals of 2012.

August 20, 2013

The Close of a Summer and the Start of a Fall Season

Shasta and I

So as summer comes to a close, the Texas cycling season goes back into full gear.  The Hotter Then Hell Omnium is this weekend, and my first day of fall classes the following Monday. My excitement for these fall is out of this world. With HHH, Tour of Austin, Chappell Hill, and the Texas State Championships. Couple that with the fact I will be surrounded by college women again on a daily basis gives me a reason to look forward for the next couple months.

August 12, 2013

HTX Team relay Ham Cycles summer Series. Allycat style racing in Houston!

The winning team (team drunkstrong) posing with Crystal

I got the invite from what would end up being my teammate for the event, Dan Morgan. He messaged me saying that there would be some sort of relay going on in downtown Houston. He said it would a little “for fun” event and he thought it would be a great idea for me to give it a try. He was right.

August 3, 2013

Kicking off the Fall part of the season with a little Driveway!

Had a fun day in Austin yesterday. This fun consisted of racing the driveway, and then going to Kevin’s 21st birthday. The Driveway itself was brutally hot as always. I decided I was going to wear my skinsuit (I regretted it) and just sit in for as much as I can. It was the speed loop and the pack typically ends in a field sprint… This field sprint assumption of mine for speed loop as been wrong 100 percent of the time. Maybe it’s this hope of “sitting in” and “taking it easy” that makes pinning on a number in three digit temperatures a bit nicer.