May 24, 2016

Podium at Day 2 of the Battle of San Jacinto Criterium. 3rd Place!

3rd's the word
With Grant’s long flowing hair in my passenger seat, I knew I had the good luck charm I needed to get a better result at the second day of racing around the San Jacinto Monument. The two of us made sure to get some good breakfast tacos in before we drove through Houston’s energy district to the monument. With the second day of racing we were lucky to avoid the nasty storms that came in and became a factor for the early races that began before I left my bed.

The race for today had a lot of the similar starters from yesterday. Although the field was a bit smaller I knew who I needed to watch to get a result. This time however, the rest of GIANT racing went back home to the traffic and hoppy beer of Austin and I was flying solo for the races.

Battle of San Jacinto Day 1, 6th Place!

If you look good, you already won half the battle
The only plans I had before heading out to the race was to give my bike a good wash before heading out to the memorial. After I cleaned up the ol GIANT TCR, I glanced down at my watch and saw that I still had over 4 hours till the start of the race. I decided to use this free time and catch up with some Netflix before heading out to the races.

Once I finally made it out to the monument I was able to quickly spot my teammates with their bright neon green/yellow bikes. For the race today GIANT Racing was bringing four riders to the start line. Beau, Jonny, Scott, and myself.

May 19, 2016

Starting Summer Break with a Wet University Oaks

Third Place!

2016 has been the slowest start to a race season I have ever had. With my new found focus to put school over racing, along with many races being cancelled due to rain and flooding. I was coming into my summer break with about 10 mass starts and I was eager to get some race miles in before I head out to the bigger races a little further down the road.

That is when I decided to go the University Oaks Criterium in San Antonio. Uni Oaks is a race I am very familiar with, and always seemed to have good luck when I toed up to the start line. It was at University Oaks that I won my first ever 123 in 2011.