November 18, 2013

Jersey change for 2014. Astellas Professional Cycling

Wanting to keep everyone up to date on my endeavors. So I just want to say that I am very excited to say that I will be racing with Astellas Oncology through 2014. I am very excited to be giving an opportunity like this and plan to make the most of it. It is a little saddening that I will be leaving the Squadra family that I have been apart of for the two years. It is a change that I have been working hard for since I joined the team in 2012. Now I will be following Shane to the Continental level to continue on in my cycling career.

November 6, 2013

River Road and TT mode at Tour De Gruene

Start house!

The last time I pinned a number to a skin suit in the month of November was back in 2011. Why would I do such a thing? In a time of the year that is usually accompanied with leisure from travel and time with school, I suddenly found myself prepping a timetrial bike. The reason I would do such a thing is because of a promise. A promise of fun and memories guaranteed by Jason Bently. I fell for this back in 2011 and I fell for it again in 2013. The event is the Tour de Gruene team time trial. This is an approximately 26 mile 2 man team time trial that takes place throughout beautiful parts of New Braunfels as well as Gruene Texas. After months of persuasion from Jason starting in September, I finally agreed to race with him again.