July 28, 2013

Cascade 2013. My first shot with the best in the country.

The drive to Bend from Portland is
When I found out that I was going to be racing the Cascade Cycling Classic I could not believe my ears. I have heard so many great things about this race, on top of the fact that it is one of the largest and the oldest NRC stage races in the country. Although I have done a few NCC criteriums, I have never done an NRC road race. Let alone a week long stage race. I found out that I would be racing with the Fire Fighters Cycling team along side my squadra teammate Shane. The two of us were super motivated to get some good results during this week of racing, especially after a bit of a lack luster U23 nationals. Although I was able to get in the early break of the u23 road race and have a good ‘ride’ I really wanted to walk away with some hardware.  Shane was in a similar boat, he had two great results with a 12 in the TT and a 7th in the crit. But without a medal to hang, there was a feeling of something missing.

USA Jr Devo Camp

Although this was a long while ago, I want to put in a few words about the USA camp that I had the honor of being a coach for.

For a week, I got to be a coach and the Dorm Daddy of a USA cycling Jr Development camp. What that meant is I got to make sure all the camp attendees went to bed on time and did not get into any trouble, as well as help out with drills and the rides/races that will all be going on.

July 27, 2013

The Start Of A New Blog

Today I am creating a new blog. This one I plan to make bigger and more broad then previous blogs. I will have the typical race reports, as well as more posts on just general travel to and from races. I will post a bit more on my training along with some school posts here and there. For big race reports I will probably have them on my team blog which I will post a link here that will direct you to the Squadra blog. Be patient on the first couple weeks of this blog. I will be tinkering with HTML codes trying to make this blog look and feel the way that I want it to. Hopefully this blog will hit stride soon and I can entertain others with my stories and adventures.