April 5, 2015

Bike Handing Clinic #2 with Third Coast Training

Demonstrating proper cornering

Yesterday would mark the second clinic I would be doing with Third Coast Training in Pasadena, Texas (Southeast Houston). After having much success with the first clinic I ran in 2014, Johnny (Owner/Coach at Third Coast Training) and I decided to give it a second go in 2015. Our plan was to build upon what we did the first time to make this workshop a better experience for riders of different skill levels.

January 26, 2015

Ending the season with the Texas State Road Race

Still finishing in the top 10!
For those of you that missed the race report which was published back a few months ago in the Texas Racing Post Magazine, I am going to repost it here to my blog. Give it a read and let me know what you think. Unlike the magazine write up I have Sunday's race here.

After my 5th place finish at Chappell Hill, I found time for some consistent training and recovery. I made it through a heavy round of antibiotics and was finally able to breathe normally through my nose (my first time since being back home from Europe).

Up next was the Texas State Championships at Ft Hood, which is always an exciting time for me. I cannot think of a course that is better suited for my style of racing: long open roads exposed to the winds, plus a couple really steep long hills to break things up. The Ft. Hood Challenge  marked the end of a long hard season of racing (followed by tacos with the coach, at some place with some great fried avocados, to cap it off).