March 27, 2014

Family, The Atlantic, and some Criterium action in Delray Beach!

A very nice pre race national anthem. Pincus family
seen hanging over barriers.
I have had Delray marked on my calendar for quite some time now. Not just because it will be my first USA criterium race, but also because I would be seeing a huge chunk of my family. Many of my relatives, the Pincus side of my family, live close to Delray and were planning to support me at the race that weekend, as well as spend some time with me before the event. It is crazy to think that the last time I saw many of these relatives were a decade ago, and some of them I never even remember seeing. But nonetheless, I was super excited to have been flown a day early to spend some time with the family.

March 22, 2014

New Faces with astellas professional cycling team (Old Pueblo Grand Prix, Team Camp, Tucson Bicycle Classic)

From Left to right: Chris, Matt, Brecht, Ryan, Justin, Cortlan, Stephan, Clay,
Brandon, Max, Hogan, Andy, Pincus, Thomas.

Team camp did not start off on an easy note. After some very smooth travels with Southwest Airlines I was able to get to Tucson Arizona on time and ready to meet the new group of guys. The first group of guys I would end up meeting would be Andy, Clay, Chris, and Ryan. As we walked from our Townsuits Marriott one of the first things we started talking about was Tinder. Right then I knew this was going to be a great team and team camp

March 7, 2014

Lago Vista Blues Part II of II

Rain in my face, embro in my eyes, ice in my shoes... and I loved it.
Photo taken by J.A. Hicks

Many people know Lago Vista as the hardest race in the state. Some have even went as far to say in the country… I go further and say in the galaxy. For those that have not done Lago before, it is a 15 lap race where you are either going up or down for the entirety of the race. I have seen racers who have gone on to do some great things in the sport, who have never finished lago vista. The biggest difference between Saturday and Sunday is that they change the orientation and we will be doing counter clockwise loops instead of clockwise.

Lago Vista Blues Part I of II

Heading into the annual Lago Vista I had high hopes for some good results. My legs were feeling really fast Walburg/Pace Bend weekend and I wanted to earn some spending money before I head off to team camp.

March 1, 2014

Feeling a bit jumpy at Pace Bend

Keeping a tab on the fast guys

After a rough day at Walburg I was hoping to get a little bit of relaxation the next day at Pace Bend, relaxation in terms of warm weather, and no yellow line rule. Pace Bend Park, like Walburg is always one of the top attended races of the season. What sets Pace Bend apart from many of the other Texas races is that it is located fully within the Pace Bend park allowing for the race to have full lane racing. Unlike the previous day where many racers were caught flirting with the yellow line, Pace Bend allows the full peloton to take up as much road as needed. This creates a type of racing that is more familiar with higher-level NRC races as well as allowing racers to be able to move around the pack more fluidly. This changes the dynamics of the race subtly and in my years creates a more enjoyable experience. Less rules to follow typically means one less things I have to think about during my race.