June 10, 2016

OKC Day 2, 15th place (again!)

IDK when this photo was taken, they all seem to blend in together. (OKC day 2 or 3)

Day 2 of okc was on a flat figure 8 course. It was a pretty tight course where all the turns were on fairly wide roads. I started near the front of the group based on what my teammates told me about how hard things were going to be to move up. I decided to save the effort and start near the front.
The start of the race was fast as Arapaho and Elbowz were eagerly trying to see how many riders they can send up the road in the first 20 mins. I slowly started to fade back from all the early attacks. I felt a little sluggish and I wanted to save more energy in the center of the pack. As the laps started to go down I looked up and saw Beau all over the front of the race. He was racing in the top 15 riders for the first half hour of the race. I started to move up to do my best to ride up there with Beau. As the two of us were up there Scott would come by and take some massive pulls on the front if we missed any sort of break of split in the field.

About halfway through the race I found myself up the road in a promising move. I did what I could to hold the wheel in front of me, but the pace was so high I was starting to struggle... As I stayed up the road for a few more laps I started to see that more and more riders were slowly starting to bridge up to the move. I thought we would be good to go, but soon we had too many riders in the move and we started to balloon across the road.

Soon we were all one group again, and I could feel that my legs were not having the best day. I saw that the laps were starting to come down, and I knew I had to start staying up near the front if I wanted to get a result. I found that the field seemed way bigger and more dangerous in the final 5 laps than I thought we were going to have, and I could see that some of the teams were starting to take control and do the ol inside out going into and out of the turns. Things were getting really dangerous, and I just started to follow the wheels around me. I started to hold my breath into some of the tighter corners of the race, exhaling has I made it through in once piece. By the last lap things started to single out and I was locked onto the wheel infront of me, keeping a close eye on my insides making sure no one was going to chop me in the turns.

I would end up finishing 15th on the day. Although I was in the field sprint, the winners of the race were probably a whole corner ahead of me.

Although I was happy to hold onto another 15th place, I was a little surprised to see how sluggish I felt on the bike. However, day three of OKC was a dog leg with some slight elevation. It was time to throw down

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